98% of candidates pledge to protect Witney rail route

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The planned A40 works through Eynsham will block off the best, and possibly the only viable rail route to Witney and Carterton – if the works proceed as proposed.

The Preliminary Planning phase started last month and runs to August. It is critical that this phase makes provision for a future rail route.

The May 6th local elections will be held in two weeks’ time. WOT has approached local candidates asking them to pledge to preserve a rail link with a simple question: “do you support defining and protecting a rail route as an integral part of the planned A40 Works project and will you vote in support of this at Council meetings?” 

So far, 83 candidates have pledged their support and only 3 candidates oppose. For full details of candidates’ views, please see below.

We are very pleased to have such overwhelming support from candidates across all political parties. This reflects both WOT Group’s cross-party background and our ongoing survey of West Oxfordshire residents which found that 97% of 864 respondents support exploring the potential of restoring the railway line, with 94% stating that they are likely to use it.

We are following up with the remaining candidates and will provide further updates leading up to the elections. In the meantime you can view the results here, and below:

If you are a candidate and would like to either amend the entry or contribute to it please send us the relevant information to Contact Us

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