About WOT

What is WOT –  Witney Oxford Transport

WOT is a non-partisan community group set up by Oxfordshire people, many from existing voluntary organisations and from various professional interests.  All members are acutely aware that with the planned population expansions along the A40 corridor,  reliance on an already congested single trunk road with no suitable transport alternatives will negatively impact the local economy and residents’ lives.

WOT has been campaigning for alternatives that are robust, reliant and sustainable like a rail transport link.  Residents and businesses do not want to spend even longer stuck in traffic jams just to reach Oxford and beyond.  The people of West Oxfordshire deserve better.

Proposed rail route map

We get often asked about routes.  While obvious, this is also an impossible question to address until appropriate provisions are in place to safeguard the land in question, especially as much of the previous route no longer exists.  Some years ago we walked part of the old route and you can see a brief report here. The map below shows one of the most desirable options. You can read about the old railway line here  and you can visualise all of the historical railway lines here

For a more detailed view of the proposed route option, you can access the Google Earth version of our map Please click on the ‘Present’ function on that page to access.

Show your support for local railways, sign our petition to bring back railways in West Oxfordshire and complete the questionnaire here

WOT Response to the public consultation on Salt Cross Garden Village, click here to see the relevant information

WOT logoa wholly voluntary and not for profit organisation founded in 2013 and a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) reg no. 20100.  We were founded with the help of Railfuture and thanks to a small start-up grant from the RSA (then South Central Region). In addition to our founding members, we actively cooperate with other groups such as the Campaign for Better Transport, Sustainable Witney, the CPRE Oxfordshire and Bus Users Oxford
Details of the WOT launch presentation can be downloaded from our Proposal page.

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