Supporting other transport projects in Oxfordshire

This project is situated in an evolving transport context. Some of the key projects include:

1. Plans to expand Oxford Station – this is a critical step as Oxford station lacks capacity, both in terms of platform capacity as well as track capacity at the squeeze point of the Botley Road bridge. Much work has been done to remedy these issues and other, larger and more advanced projects such as East-West Rail to Cambridge are reliant on this occurring. We are delighted by the first £69m tranche of funding which was announced in May 2021. We understand that further tranches are likely to follow.

2. Plans to dual the 7km of Cotswold Line between Wolvercote Junction and Hanborough – this is largely driven by the need to have more capacity on this section of line in order to increase train frequencies from Oxford to Worcester and Hereford. the proposed junction north of Worton and west of Yarnton is on this section of track, approximately 2.8km northwest of Wolvercote Junction and 4.3km southeast of Hanborough station. The Witney Line would require the dualling of the 2.8km section. WOT Group supports the dualling of the full 7 km section.