Massive YES for a new rail link

The survey run in conjunction with the Witney Gazette and Witney Radio couple of weeks ago resulted in a resounding YES for a new rail link between Oxford and Witney. Here are some of the figures:

  • 97% are in support of “exploring the potential of restoring a railway line that connects the communities of Carterton, Witney and Eynsham with Oxford”.
  • 74% stated that they are “very likely” to use the new rail link, with 13% stating “likely” and 7% “somewhat likely”, a total of 95% (94.6%, pre-rounding).
  • Fast and accessible public transport was ranked as the most important issue for 44% of respondents, with this issue ranking in the top three for 85%

For more information or the full details of the survey (750 respondents) please follow this link.